Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Turkish Yogurt

I've loved this story from the BBC today. A Greek man, Minas Karaztoglu who had is picture used without his permission on pot of Turkish Yoghurt, is suing the maker on the Yogurt for 6.9 million Euros. The companies defence, we brought the picture clip art company, in good faith. The clip art company has not put up a defence yet. Its going to need one from Yogurt makers tries to recoup the 6.9 Million it all pay, the old man, who has spirit and maybe not to many years, and I'd like to see have a equivalent to a lottery win, (even enough to pay an extra penny on Yogurt for, and people do pay for packaging, where they like it or not, that Yogurt put that reaches the shopping basket in the one that catch the eye, unless you have time to scan all the items for price, quantity (please divide) and flavor. (semi-Interestingly choices in Flavours often get there prices differences driven down to zero).
Turks and Greek of course don't get on too well in most cases, the Island of Cyprus is divided politically because of this.

There's three morals in this story.
  1. Check where your clip art comes from.
  2. Get your picture known
  3. Learn to tell a greek from turk

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