Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cloud Servers 2.

I've just been checking out a recent cloud computer provider, Elastic Host .com. While that the
configurator is simple enough, it doesn't offer you a cloud of a computers, its the other way round, you get a single computer, vitually hosting many smaller simulated computers, and at quite an expensive price, £28.80 per/month for 1GB of disk . Plus it doesn't actually scale beyond the matchine i'm currently running, 8*2.4GHz core, and 16GB RAM, there best is 20000MHz and 8GB RAM. Now I thought that cloud meant on demand access to supercomputer level machine for render that are to much for a small company to manage, or being able to update all the computers in your Internet Cafe at the same time. But Elastic are selling access to ordinary servers at high prices, the machine is divided by accounting and virtual host as usual I think. I think I'll stick to co-locating a custom built server myself, for the moment.

Its also interesting that a hosting company, uses Youtube (free hosting), to host its demo. Isn't amazing how some some services come for free, and some come very expensive.

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