Thursday, 26 February 2009

Recession may be good time for growth of Hobby Networks

With the world entering a global recession, one that might in the best case last a just few years. Inn the worst case our current recession might last near a decade, fading into the next recession due to the lack of fossil fuels. This will be lean times for many people, with a large rise in unemployment. People will have a lot of spare time, the missing increase in leisure time, that was supposed to happen but never did in our modern hectic lives.

The internet offers a lot of free activities, and it might make the modern unemployment a lot more productive than the previous generations were. No doubt a lot of the unemployed with take refuge into computer games, and on-line virtual worlds. They'll have more time to message friends swap emails. But they'll also have a lot my time to take up productive hobbies and learning. The internet will no doubt help this a lot. I can expect to a see a lot more blog and self help pages, spring up. If people can be local kings and queens of there hobbies or spread them around the world, then this time of unemployment might bring more happiness than the dull days of 9 to five ever did.

With the modern world of the social internet, the hobbies don't have to be lonely crank obsession, but can be fully networked, peer judged creative activities, some of the new activities might will end up as future businesses. So good luck to all that attempt to enrich there lives, in these financially dark times.

On the basis of the above hopes. I can predict that the internet, the web and social networking sites will continue to grow quickly over the next five or so years.