Saturday, 3 April 2010

The effect of google payment on webpages.

The google dole post, below of course, was just an april fool day joke. In reality though between Google search delivering the readers and Google adsense delivering payment just for readership (that clicks though), Google does by now in a very algorithmic way control what content get payed for on the web. This meant the Search Engine Optimising, link droping, etc has gone all across the internet, filling up places with content as advertising, in hope of getting rich. In fact though the average blogger content isn't going to make them money. Only a top writer with enough popularity is going to make money. In fact this isn't that much of a change from the print industry. The difference is, previously the publisher had to believe in the Author, and choose to print and advertise it. On the web, it depend on how much google rank, you get. Hence the SEO games, and an industry that tries to game under google algorithm, to get its content to the top of your browser. Sometimes the SEO is payed for, and sometimes its in interconnecting web of popularity. With Facebook now the top way of passing links around, this introdes into friendships, meetings, (e.g. Blogger meet up groups, which is actually gets enough sponsership to pay for some of the nights out, the content is sadly demised by the alcohol, and i even make an arsehole of myself at one), the idea of that the spoonser gets the bloggers to write about there event. Even grass root publishing seems to monetised, by link droping. One thing that i think hasn't been undermined in the day job. The just isn't enough money in blogging for that to happen.

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