Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cloud Servers

I don't know if you seen that latest free ubuntu operating system. Probably not if your not very technical, but what it contains is a cloud computing setup, with either enterprise or local setup. This means it can either copy the configuration of new a machine, from a network host, or be configured remotely, over the web. Personally I don't think it will be that easy. When my server broke this weak, i had a drive down to the data center to get it fixed. If you've got the wrong IP address for the host, thats it, its down. If your apache isn't set up just right, the network stays down. There is a circle of interdependence here, we need the internet to download the extra software to configure modern servers. No doubt they'll be lots of problems with cloud serving starting, until both the technicians installing servers, and programmers making the operating system, have learned all the listens about what can do wrong setting servers up.

Despite the problems, though, being with the money and the problem that needs compute power to solve, ready to need a new server (cloud or otherwise), is a very happy place to be, for a company. Here an example lets say a bioinformatics company has decided to compute (quantum ab-inito) the possible interactions between every protein in the human genome and any other protein (starting another in the genome). That is a problem which requires immense about a computer power. Once they've got the money, they need to buy in the computers. In the amazon cloud module, the company though doesn't have to own or manage a single own of these. And neither do they need to hire the technicians to build and manage the computers. So its made life a little easier.

Thats the model for cloud copmputing, and it means and end to having most companies owning there own servers and employing system administrators, servicing engineers and many other jobs.

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