Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Wikipedia want donations to found it. It the key non profit organision on the net. I'm a businessman, trying to get Eye Balls for of the net, and onto my on site, all my founding is family money, and from where a worked before. Money is something of secret, how much should i donate to Wikipedia, for being the key pages I use to name a subject, for all the knowledge i've learnt there. I use google adsense on my web pages. It would be interesting if I could set a donate to Wikipedia or other charity automatically a fraction of the income, I generate. Actually it would be interesting only to Wikipedia, because I'm late to the internet and poor. Yes I could of bought thousands of useful domain names at the beginning of the internet, and been useful at if i'm lucky one of them. Having Google do my mail, my blogs or my income isn't funny, but money is capacity to do work. Google will never be a total monopoly in other countries but in America might they might be 99%. Does ask jeeves have an advertising system, that would pay wikipedia. And a blog page system? Apache Roller is free. I'm moving to the first adsense copy that donates to Wikipedia a set fraction or (fractions) of the advert cash.

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