Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Crop Circle Day on Google

Its Crop Circle day on Google 15 September 2009. Why Not, there pretty and mysterious, and so this is the girl from hipper liner. I run a crop circle list myself. So does google like me? Where is my list entry, Crop Circles @ Feed Distiller.com, secret. Shout it from the roof tops baby. Guess what most of the top pages are Virals. Crystal Links was typical, links on crop circles and a spooky infovermercial bleep virt. Beamed me to mean me. You pay for the link by paypal, and the love and attention that went into the graphics was UGLY. I've not master of graphic design either. And graphic Designers have turned me down, when I was offering cash. Lazy Gits. Crystal link could get a link to from my system for the price of reading it. If that has a name its probably "open viral". So...

I'm also interested in the mechanics of the ecology of Viral themes. Do you like being called Viral? Its just descriptive here. Lazy people people want free money from google, and will pay a lot to get it. What traps do those playing P.J.Barham fall into here. The laws of the arena are not clear to me. If Google and Microsoft Bing, want to, they could wipe me out a second. Where's the L in the logo. Do microsoft or google, want the job of managing the ecology. Probably No, its to much thinking. Plus all the politians and pressure group will want to interfere in it. God help us all, if widow twanky starts making the laws. Google and Microsoft make the algorithms, to manage the ecology. Gaming the ecology, matters. Money grows on trees. Sometimes decision trees. But Societies has to work fairly fairly. I've lost the lottery, now what, sofa surfing?. Are the skills going in the tea shops and pubs you'll retreat to. Porcelain china, and Do a lot of work for charity. Graphic designers are safe, especial if they look like models. Another cold hard day for the morlocks.

How do you measure the productivity of a web site, for its money, and for how good it is at doing its reason for existance. As judged by the reviews I guess, is looking deeper a mind trap? But if you don't get the attention of the reviewer that doesn't happen. Google choose crop circles today, which was lucky for crystal links. So it began. And what was the top page on google: The Daily Telegraph. News Matters.

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  1. Google changes quickly. In the time it took to right my articles. Up pops a different crystal links. Much better graphic design, and donate to charity button. By Ellie Crystal a woman with the mystic meg look. Good luck on your free crystal links google bomb.


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